Saturday, October 15, 2005

Greek Song ? Sounds South Indian to me.

I just caught the track "Greek Song" (on Launchcast, naturally) from Rufus Wainwright's album Poses. Mid-way through the song there is a bit of accompanying violin that sounded distinctly carnatic to me [here's a real audio sample]. After a few minutes of searching I find out that it is, and the violinist is Anjana Srinivasan. It's just a few bars repeated several times. Don't ask me what raagam. It works extremely well in the song --- maybe it has something to do with Wainwright's glissando-heavy style of singing. The other Indian connection on the album is Wainwright's nice cover of the Beatles' "Across The Universe" [from the era of their use of indian music] whose chorus goes "Jai Guru Deva".


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