Saturday, March 11, 2006

Four of Each

I'm back ! The pleadings of my hordes of devoted readers have been heard ! First I shall fulfill my obligations as a tagee (thanks badmash), even if several months late. If the blogosphere was full of people like me, memes would never spread --- good thing or bad thing I don't know.
  • 4 jobs
    1. Shelver of books at gigantic university library: mindless tasks made bearable by Walkman and the gaining of library-related trivia (ex. Tchaikovsky is filed under "ch" not "t").
    2. Undergrad Teaching Assistant: lead discussion sessions and tasted the heady feeling that comes from knowing more than everybody else in the room.
    3. Undergrad Research Assistant: Varied programming/computer-related tasks often related to automating laboratory data-gathering.
    4. Grad-Student/Researcher: I could do this forever and you wouldn't have to pay me that much more really. Sadly it looks like this too might be coming to an end soon.
  • 4 movies: This is a little hard. I don't have all-time favorite movies. So I've made this a list of 4 movies I can watch repeatedly (if it's on TV for example). I had to look at the imdb list to remember some names.
    1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    2. Austin Powers
    3. Office Space
    4. Pulp Fiction
  • 4 places I've lived
    1. Houston, TX
    2. Chicago, IL
    3. Kodaikanal, India
    4. Cochin, India
  • 4 TV shows
    1. The Daily Show
    2. The Colbert Report
    3. PBS: Frontline
    4. This American Life (Ok, it's not TV but it's one of the best things on the any media. Check out this week's incredible show "Habeas Schmabeas".)
    Phew! That means I don't have to list the more embarrassing ones.
  • 4 vacations
    1. Muscat, Oman (surprising nice secluded beaches)
    2. Mahabalipuram, India (annual childhood family winter-vacation)
    3. Coonoor, India (annual childhood family summer-vacation)
    4. Colorado, USA (memorable spring break)
  • 4 foods
    1. Appam and stew
    2. Chicken biriyani
    3. Injera (i.e. Ethiopian appam)
    4. Chocolate-chip cookie dough ice-cream.
    Note to badmash: I promise I didn't copy items 1&2 from you.
  • 4 places I'd rather be
    1. In my grand-uncle's vallam in the river beside his house.
    2. Doing "the 3-day hike" in the Palani hills near Kodaikanal.
    3. Traveling somewhere I've never been: an "Amazing Race"-like world-wide trip preferably.
    4. In a real city: London perhaps.
  • 4 sites
    1. Sepia Mutiny.
    2. Google
    3. Gmail
    4. Sitemeter :)
  • 4 bloggers whom I'm tagging: Since everybody's done this already there's nobody left to tag.


Blogger Mr. Pissed said...

Being a grad student is about the best and the worst... but i'd rather get back to school now than work...

3/21/2006 01:42:00 AM  
Blogger ashvin said...

I agree there are rough times; but it's mostly good.

3/21/2006 08:13:00 AM  

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