Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cash Cameos

If you like playing name-that-cameo (and can get past the pretentiousness, perhaps) you might like this video. Maybe I'll post the names at some point. Or you can do so in the comments. I'm not sure who the first guy is (who talks about Cash's wearing black).

Thursday, November 09, 2006

San Diego

san diego What did I find in San Diego ?

Sunny skies and palm trees :

san diego This cover of the San Diego Weekly Reader :

SDreaderCover Yes, it's a Sikh man tying his turban. Here's a closeup.

And this pen PenFlash2 that's also a 128MB memory stick. PenFlash1 Did I mention the sun and the palm trees ? san diego And some talks and posters and stuff.

I also learned that 'El' and 'La' are the masculine and feminine versions of the word 'the'. So you have 'El Hombre' (the man) .vs. 'La Mesa' (the table). (Incidentally the hindi/urdu word for table मेज ["Maze"] is also feminine as far as I remember. I suspect Arabic is the link language). 'Los' and 'Las' are the plural counterparts of 'El' and 'La'. I knew about 'San' and 'Santa' being the masculine and feminine versions of 'Saint'. We were wondering about 'Santa Cruz', as Cruz sounds like a man's name. It turns out that 'Cruz' means 'Cross' and, for whatever reason, is feminine. Spanish place and street names make a lot more sense now.